Cloud CRM

Cloud based CRM software to automate your business seamlessly.

Backup Solutions

Complete backup of your business data on cloud servers.

Website Hosting

Fully managed cloud hosting of your standard business website.

Remote Access

Cloud solutions let you access your business operations remotely.

ITServe Limited provides hosting for websites on virtual servers that pull their computing resources form an underlying layer of extensive networking of web servers. Cloud hosting is available as a service rather than a product, and exists as an alternative to hosting websites on single servers and is considered to be an extension of clustered hosting.

ITServe Limited provides standard hosting to its business clients via multiple connected servers that make up a cloud. Get the highest level of security and performance efficiency through our managed servers hosted in a custom built architecture. Your business website managed in a cloud lets you experience the power of cloud to reach your strategic business goals and objectives. Cloud based web hosting offers heightened reliability, improved accessibility, seamless scalability and reduced operational costs, with greater productivity.

ITServe Limited provides effective cloud management of your standard business site as well as your E-commerce site. We have the web services for your business that are managed and operated on a cloud, and have cloud based sites backup solutions to ensure speedy recovery and working of your E-commerce site, if in case, it gets hit by a technical failure. We manage your site in a cloud and reserve its backup on another cloud server in order to ensure quick data recovery in minimum time span.

ITServe Limited offers online database (CRM) systems managed in a cloud, dedicated to automate your business routines seamlessly, hence promising higher efficiency and productivity.

CRM (Customer relationship management) System is an online database that contains all your business sales, marketing, leads, contacts, clients, jobs, tasks, calendars, stock, suppliers, invoicing, bills, documents, staff details and much more in one central location. This takes the time consuming and stress out of the work-space by streamlining tasks done manually in the real world and putting them into the cloud. CRM will integrate with your existing business systems and tools to benefit you in ways you would have never seen before.

From document management to automated business management, CRM ensures it all in one place. With cloud support, all you need to manage your business with the CRM is an active internet connection. Remaining is automated by the CRM that has always maintained an online database of all of your business processes. With additional features like social media integration, you can utilise your online business database to accomplish marketing tasks effectively. Feel free to contact us to know more about our cloud technologies and online databases and we will be happy to render our services to your business.

  • Recruit Serve
  • Boutique Serve
  • Job Management System (JMS) for Cleaners
  • Job Management System (JMS) for Estate Agents
  • Job Management System (JMS) for Solicitors
  • Cloud Software for seamless business automation
  • Manage bulks of business documents on cloud servers
  • Access business operations over the internet, independent of your location
  • Set milestones, close-off jobs and manage business efficiently
  • Cloud based backup solutions for your business site
  • Quick recovery of data and documents from cloud servers
  • Fully managed security of your business operations
  • Minimum downtime ensures operational business in case of disaster
  • Minimised operational costs
  • Reduced running time
  • Guaranteed business safety
  • Secure backups of business data
  • Speedy recovery after any technical failure
  • Minimum downtime and maximum efficiency

Have a requirement for your IT Support, Server Support, Networking, Routers, Wi-Fi or Firewall?

Why IT Serve for IT Services

We work with all 3rd party providers

We work with all 3rd party providers such as your internet provider, hardware manufactures (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Cannon, Ricoh, Kyocera), Software manufactures (Microsoft, Apple, Kaspersky, Symantec, Acronis, Sage, Iris).

Jargon Free IT Support

Jargon Free IT support, we provide IT support that the normal user can understand and work with, and we use phrases and terms that the average user can comprehend. Be on site or remote support our engineers can tackle any IT issue that you may face.

Educating our customers

Educating our customers and allowing them to save time and money when dealing with reoccurring problems. We won’t keep you in the dark about the goings on with your IT we believe the more you can understand the less hassle you’ll have to deal with when it comes to your IT related problems.

We take ownership of your problems

We take ownership of your problems, allowing you to get on with your other tasks with the peace of mind that your IT problems are being dealt with by professionals. Our engineers have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues and problems in IT, from the mission critical issues to the small annoying problems.

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts, we charge our customers based on how much they use us, using this pay as you go type system customers only pay for issues that need resolving when they need resolving. We offer competitive pricing on all of our jobs we carry out making sure you get the best price for what you used us for. Our prices are upfront and open so you can see what you’re paying for and there’s no surprise in there for you either.