Ad-Hoc IT Support

Ad-hoc IT support from Trusted IT is dependable, efficient and cost-effective.

Server Support

Our team of technical experts can provide support on installation of new servers.

PC Upgrade

Our computer repair service experts work to resolve your problems in no time.

Central Storage Solutions

Benefits and Solutions for Storage Centralization. Safe and Secure Storage.

Email Migration & Support

Helps support installation of new Email Server, Reliable and Safe.

Security and Virus Removal

Our Experts can remotely access your system and clean all viruses.

Server Migration Service

Migrate your servers with our wide variety of server solutions.

Data Recovery Service

Professional data recovery services with 100% accuracy and security.

Given the pace of IT development, your business needs a stable IT infrastructure to grow and expand. ITServe’s Managed IT Support services empower businesses of every sector to focus on what they do best. Our dedicated and qualified IT Support team is here to help you bring stability in your business operations and infrastructure.

We offer our clients various IT Support packages that can be employed in business environments to speed up the operations and management of that organization. What constitutes the stability that will make your business operations efficient and successful? ITServe IT Professionals with their industry and sector knowledge put forward for you a well thought out system maintenance plan. Alongside this, we bring pro-active monitoring that works in synergy with our incident and reporting management systems.

Our IT Support Services are exclusive across the industry with the factor of technology independence that comes with them. What makes us a successful technology-independent solutions company? We do not fix the hardware technology along with the software components of your working business models. Fluidity is maintained in both hardware and software areas so as to cater to your business models. Factors like the organization’s budget, time management strategies and other needs of the company infrastructure are kept under view before assigning hardware specific to your requirements. We come with the security of being unaffiliated with any promotional partnerships that will force sponsor- ship protocols into your component necessities.

We understand the hesitation of new clients in paying for services not used for. Therefore we offer a free trial for those who want to benefit from our services. We proudly serve this trial so that you may experience

Our team can be communicated via telephone or internet in order to resolve IT-based issues at your work-site.

You may not have a contract dealing with us; however, we proudly present our services to the new clients who communicate with us for assistance. Since the problem base can vary across different IT platforms, our assistance is customized according to your need and your requirement at whatever time you prefer.

With the pace with which businesses operate to- day, your company should not lag behind. There- fore we offer dedicated IT engineers as well as an IT support service team that will be there for re- solving any issues that might come up in your system. Our help can be gained on the work site as well as through distant communication – online and phone communications. A support staff will be there to be of assistance.

For those clients who register their companies through this contract and commit to our services with loyalty, our pricing models continue to serve their budget, and our services continue to provide for your company.

The ‘Monthly Roll-On Contract’ allows a company to register with us on a monthly-basis contract. We, however, still do not bind the company for our deals. Clients are free to nullify their contract with a prior notice of 30 days.

Have a requirement for your IT Support, Server Support, Networking, Routers, Wi-Fi or Firewall?

Why IT Serve for IT Services

We work with all 3rd party providers

We work with all 3rd party providers such as your internet provider, hardware manufactures (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Cannon, Ricoh, Kyocera), Software manufactures (Microsoft, Apple, Kaspersky, Symantec, Acronis, Sage, Iris).

Jargon Free IT Support

Jargon Free IT support, we provide IT support that the normal user can understand and work with, and we use phrases and terms that the average user can comprehend. Be on site or remote support our engineers can tackle any IT issue that you may face.

Educating our customers

Educating our customers and allowing them to save time and money when dealing with reoccurring problems. We won’t keep you in the dark about the goings on with your IT we believe the more you can understand the less hassle you’ll have to deal with when it comes to your IT related problems.

We take ownership of your problems

We take ownership of your problems, allowing you to get on with your other tasks with the peace of mind that your IT problems are being dealt with by professionals. Our engineers have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues and problems in IT, from the mission critical issues to the small annoying problems.

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts, we charge our customers based on how much they use us, using this pay as you go type system customers only pay for issues that need resolving when they need resolving. We offer competitive pricing on all of our jobs we carry out making sure you get the best price for what you used us for. Our prices are upfront and open so you can see what you’re paying for and there’s no surprise in there for you either.