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Allows you to control and secure your network making sure that all the devices connecting your network are legitimate and cannot harm any other point of your network.

Packet fence can integrate with Active Directory allowing users to use their logon user accounts to connect to the network. This makes management, security and ease of use great for both users and administrators.

PacketFence supports hardware from several network vendors all in an integrated fashion, so all you need a machine/server to run PacketFence on.

PacketFence supports hardware from several network vendors all in an integrated fashion, so all you need a machine/server to run PacketFence on.

PacketFence is an open source technology meaning that there is no cost for it making it much cheaper to deploy than many of the other network access control products on the market.

Does not need any software installation on the clients systems. This is done by giving users an account to use for when they connect to the network so all they need to do it connect with the correct username and password.

Enforces complete organizational compliance based endpoint protection policies so that only registered and compliant devices can have access.

Seamless Integration regardless of the Capacity of Network Infrastructure. Suites well for large heterogeneous networks.

PacketFence can keep a log of the amount of bandwidth devices use on the network. PacketFence can quarantine or change access level of devices that are hogging bandwidth on the network causing it to go slow.

Who see many users with their own devices coming onto your network, this provides the challenge of securing your networking and making sure that no one can get access to sensitive and critical parts of your network. This is what PacketFence does, secures your network completely.

Why IT Serve for PacketFence NAC

ITServe provide professional Support Services

ITServe provide professional support services towards deployment of an award winning open source Scalable and Cost effective Network access control (NAC) solution- PacketFence. We have the skills and professional experience that you may require to take the full advantage of PacketFence features.

Network Security Specialists

✓ We are network security specialists.
✓ CCIE Level qualified network engineers.
✓ Network Equipment and Hardware independent.
✓ Experienced in Education and Hospitality sector.

Multi-Vendor NAC Solution

PacketFence offers complete support for multi-vendor networking devices

Professional PacketFence

We offer professional on-going support for PacketFence

Low cost with no Licence Fee

PacketFence is Open source so there’s no licencing costs

Scalable NAC

PacketFence can be scaled up or down based on your network size

Secure Guest Network Access

Allow your guests a secure network access without exposing them to potential threats from infected devices on the network

Secure Wired & Wireless Links

PacketFence controls your physical connections as well as wireless connections from single management console

Monitoring and Detection of Threats

PacketFence constantly monitors and isolates infected devices that can be a threat to your network

Full control and visibility of your user

PacketFence gives you complete visibility of all the users actively using your network resources