Bespoke Wi-Fi Designed for your Business to suit any Budget and Requirement

We cover every corner of the Hotels and B&Bs

Wi-Fi to allow Residents and Visters to securely connect to the internet

Wi-Fi to meet the demand of Schools, Colleges and Universities

We provide secure Wi-Fi internet for busy students

Café Wi-Fi

We can help you deploy the perfect Wi-Fi set up in your Café.

Public Houses Wi-Fi

Perfect Wi-Fi for Pub landlords who pour the perfect pint

Restaurants Wi-Fi

Have your customers dine with premium Wi-Fi.

Offices Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi solutions to keep up with your busy office

Shopping Centres Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi solutions to cover every corner of the shopping centre

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi solutions for spacious areas such as parks, caravan sites and fields

Care Homes Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi solutions to cover every corner of the care homes

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

For users on the move who need Wi-Fi e.g. food vans, ice-cream vans, taxis etc

Easily manage, control and add wireless access point to your network with a Wi-Fi solution from ITServe. This allows for quick and easy management for your Wi-Fi giving you complete control with who is on your Wi-Fi.

We not only just install new Wi-Fi system but can also take a look and diagnose problems with cureent Wi-Fi setups. Problems such as signal coverage, reliability, speed and security ITServe can take care of.

When your current internet is either slow or unstable at ITServe we can implement a 3G/4G in addition to your current line to increase reliability and speed.

All devices can be setup to have restrictions, limitations and specific rules for different users and applications, so you can always have the best quality of connection. Time based restrictions and bandwidth throttling on users can be set to limit the effect of application such as a BitTorrent on the whole network. Browsing and connection monitoring provided to find the source of any connectivity problems.

Even though we are based in Newcastle we offer nationwide cover for a WiFi services so no matter where you are we can support you.

Techniques and knowledge of multiple styles of solutions allow us to provide the same style solutions from a large hotel to a small café. Each solution is tailored to the issues at hand, whilst helping to accommodate future expansions, so your network can grow as your business grows.

Our solutions allow you to house your staff and management network on the same devices as guest or customer networks, ensuring that each doesn’t communicate with the other, keeping your files safe from passers-by and general browsers. This technique can also be applied to your network to prevent some devices communicating with the outside world.

At ITServe we provide Wi-Fi solutions that guarantee great coverage no matter what building you have or where you are, we have a solution for you.

Within our solutions we can provide passive data collection on all aspects of the device, on an open network, and provide you with a way to redirect your customers to a promotional offers and marketing page when they connect to your network, helping you grow your business and you’re your products.

Slow internet? ISP not helping or cannot do anything about it? Talk to us and we’ll be able to find and set up a solution right for your needs.

Wi-Fi Solutions Process

Wi-Fi Installation Requirement


Estimate time and cost of your project based on requirements

Site Survey for Wi-Fi Installation


Identify any possible black spots and obstacles which may interfere with your Wi-Fi and coverage

Wi-Fi Installation


Our team will go ahead and deploy your Wi-Fi for you and make sure that it’s up to your needs

Wi-Fi Support


Offer 30 days after install support to make sure you are getting what you’ve paid for

Why IT Serve for Wi-Fi Solutions

Network Analysis

We first take a look at your current infrastructure, this will allow us to identify faults and where things can be improved for you. We carry out this analyse so that we can deliver you a solution that works, fits within your budget and is what you need.


Installation is carried out by a qualified friendly engineer that gets things done the way they should be. Our engineers have had years of experience and are up for any possible challenge that might come their way.


We take time to educate users on their new Wi-Fi setup, telling them about how to get onto the WiFi and advise them on any possible security threats that may arise so they are never caught out and are aware.

Premium Wi-Fi Solutions

Premium Wi-Fi Solutions provided can be setup for different levels of privileges.

Block or Restrict Wi-Fi Access

Our solution could provide content filtered capped broadband for free users, such as those in a hotel lobby, or provide a pay for usage scheme for hotel rooms, providing uncapped Wi-Fi, whilst keeping each separate and secure.

Wi-Fi Support

We offer 1st class support after we’re finished installing your Wi-Fi system. We take charge of any issues you’re having and make sure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.