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Server and Storage

The business environment for small and medium sized business is ever changing. To keep on growing a business needs to take each step very carefully especially when it comes to making IT hardware related investments. You need to be bold and alert to keep up with the technological changes, and you need to strategically use all your data to target the right opportunities, to stay ahead of the competition. Our server and storage solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Capabilities

✓ Enterprise servers and SAN solutions
✓ HP Servers and HP Storage
✓ Dell Servers and Storage
✓ Cisco UCS servers
✓ Clustering and Server Fail-overs for high resilience
✓ Backup devices (tape drives, tape libraries, disk to disk backups)

✓ In the current rapidly changing business environment, one can only lead the competition by doing more with less. New Technologies like cloud and virtualisation can help you get the most out of your investment. Our server and storage solutions can assist you in achieving your business objectives more cost effectively, by reducing upfront costs and helping you get more value from your existing IT.
✓ We are a technology independent solution provider and believe that same size or solution does not fit all. Every business is designed to function in its own unique ways, hence the server and storage requirements also vary.

With time more and more organisations are hiring remote teams, who work from different locations, now more people are working from home and this trend is on the rise. This also is a great thing for organisations as this reduces a lot of costs and this flexibility can generate countless business benefits by fostering more productive and happier employees. But at the same time this can also create data security risks and IT management problems. Now, with ITServe’s server and storage solutions, you can have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure; and you can give your employees the freedom of working from anywhere.

Whether your are a start-up or expanding your current business, ITServe’s server and storage solutions can assist you in solving the business challenges you face and can design the foundations for you to speed up your business growth. The salient features of our server and storage solutions are:

✓ Multi-layered protection: Protect your organisations‘ IT network by blocking or filtering unsolicited content
✓ Share effectively: Share contact lists, files, calendars and printers.
✓ Access Anytime: Easily access your server-based emails, data and files from virtually anywhere, giving your employees the freedom to work remotely from anywhere
✓ Manage accessories: From one centralised location control your scanners, printer and other accessories, networked print and file sharing
✓ Quick Backups: Decrease the risk of data loss with redundant hard drives and fast backups
✓ Email Centralisation: Make you organisation’s email system easy to manage by centralising it.
✓ Increase Privacy: Centralised security and storage of data, protect your organisation’s sensitive data and information

We are a technology independent solution provider, our unbiased approach towards the software and hardware vendor means that we always aim to provide best value for your money and put together solutions that not only last longer but also have capacity to grow if the need be. Our independent approach towards sourcing software and hardware also means that we work around your budget, time constraints and any special requirements that you may have instead of working on pre-defined pricing and delivery structure of suppliers.
We will help to consolidate your existing (if any) distributed server and storage. Using a technology road-map or a deployment strategy, we help to select the right server and storage equipment, reduce resource investment and complexity to achieve the goal of low operating expense.

Why IT Serve for IT Services

We work with all 3rd party providers

We work with all 3rd party providers such as your internet provider, hardware manufactures (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Cannon, Ricoh, Kyocera), Software manufactures (Microsoft, Apple, Kaspersky, Symantec, Acronis, Sage, Iris).

Jargon Free Ad-Hoc IT Support

Jargon Free IT support, we provide IT support that the normal user can understand and work with, and we use phrases and terms that the average user can comprehend. Be on site or remote support our engineers can tackle any IT issue that you may face.

Educating our customers

Educating our customers and allowing them to save time and money when dealing with reoccurring problems. We won’t keep you in the dark about the goings on with your IT we believe the more you can understand the less hassle you’ll have to deal with when it comes to your IT related problems.

We take ownership of your problems

We take ownership of your problems, allowing you to get on with your other tasks with the peace of mind that your IT problems are being dealt with by professionals. Our engineers have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues and problems in IT, from the mission critical issues to the small annoying problems.

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts

We don’t tie our customers down with contracts, we charge our customers based on how much they use us, using this pay as you go type system customers only pay for issues that need resolving when they need resolving. We offer competitive pricing on all of our jobs we carry out making sure you get the best price for what you used us for. Our prices are upfront and open so you can see what you’re paying for and there’s no surprise in there for you either.

We Offer 7 Days Fix Support

We offer 7 days fix support, so if the problem arise again then we’ll straight away without any further charge.

Free IT Consultation

Free IT consultation, we won’t charge for us giving you advice and such, we believe in giving you the best advice / consultation possible so you can make the best informed decision.

We Offer Ad-Hoc IT Support

We offer Ad-Hoc IT support for those how aren’t in need of a long term IT support service. So if your business is hit by some kind of IT disaster for example a virus has spread across your network or your internet has suddenly went down, give us a call and we’ll be able to resolve your problems

Jargon Free IT

We ensure that we provide technical assistance to our clients based on their requirement and provide jargon-free advice and service. Be it an on-site visit or a remote support session, our experienced engineers are happy to take the ownership of you IT related problems.

Educating the Customers

Educating the Customers is another aspect of our IT infrastructure support service that we promote and believe in. This helps our clients to save time and money on repetitive issues.

Growth Vouchers programme

Get strategic business advice and funding of up to £2000.

Work with your IT Team

We can either work as your main contact for sourcing, installing and configuring the right IT equipment or we can also assist your in-house IT department to find the right solution for the business.